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Jon's Background


Jon A. Galane has been in business for 38 years. His career started out of college as a business administration graduate with New York Life Insurance company where he was immediately a super star, making the coveted industry leadership award of Million Dollar Round Table.

After 5 year in the insurance business he opened a nightclub in his hometown of Las Vegas, Nevada; Paradise Alley. The club was a combination of dance club and live music venue including acts such as Night Ranger, Marshall Tucker Band, War, Melissa Etheridge and others, totaling 52 live national shows in 4 years. After selling the club he went back to school and graduated from a master’s program in Educational Psychology with a specialty in Marriage and Family Therapy.

After graduation he went back into business and went to work for Morgan Stanley in Las Vegas. Within 3 years earning the title of Associate Vice-President, Executive Council and Sales Manager. He was named one of the top 1000 fixed income financial advisors’ company wide.

Retiring in 2005 Jon then opened his own self-directed IRA company which today is a top provider, nationally, of self-directed IRA administration, with over 4000 clients and asset administration of over five hundred million dollars. ($500,000,000).

Today he is CEO of Mountain West IRA and a national keynote speaker on self-directed IRA’s, the 3 Steps to the Top goal attainment program and trainer on leadership skill building. He is also a certified hypnotherapist and Master Neurolinguistics Programming Practitioner.

He refined his goal setting techniques while at Morgan Stanley and used it to keep himself alive during a 4-year deadly medical condition, simply learning to reprogram his subconscious, process the changes and allowing his subconscious to naturally and intuitively implement those changes. With the advent of technology this program is now easier than ever.  

In addition to being an author, keynote speaker, and CEO, Jon is a certified hypnotherapist and Master Neurolinguistics Programming Practitioner. He also holds a Master’s degree in Educational Psychology in Marriage and Family Therapy.  Away from his work, Jon enjoys spending time with his wife and daughter at their homes in Boise, ID and Clearwater, FL Stay Alive is his first book.

Jon's Book, Stay Alive


What about your life would change if your survival was on the line? How hard would you fight to keep breathing for just one more day?

To author Jon A. Galane, these aren’t hypothetical questions. About to turn 40, with a new wife and a booming career, he suddenly found himself facing the prospect of an early grave from a rare illness. Rather than give up, he devised a system of mental toughness to hang on and beat what seemed like an endless chain of deadly illnesses.

In this book you’ll read the details of his journey and the lessons he learned as an unlikely survivor. More importantly, you’ll learn how you can take the system he created to make it through his struggle against death and attack your personal and professional goals as if your life depended on them. 

If you’re ready to give up your excuses and change your life for good then get your copy today!

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