What To Expect

 What are you willing to do to get to the top to reach your goals?  

Welcome to 3 Steps To The Top where we are going to going to teach you how to reprogram your goals for the 21st Century. How to use process and perception to allow those goals to flourish and an implementation process to simply do whatever it is that you want to do in your life.  

Forget goal setting we will be goal reprogramming!


Keynote Speaker

What To Expect?


What I do in my keynote speech is teach 21st century simple ways to program your goals, using a process of changing perception and searing them into the sub-conscious mind using a unique style of implementation through visualization and self-hypnosis.

This allows your top producer to produce quicker and your lower producers reach the top in 3 easy steps.

I show the process of using the 5 senses to emotionally see yourself at the top and implant these goals and processes permanently.

I call my program 3 Steps to the Top.  

Program, Process, Implementation: The (PPI) Model.

3 easy ways to rocket to Top production.

Your staff will learn 2 concrete proven ways to get from where they are now to the top.

 Title: “3 Steps to the Top”

Brand: Program, Process-Perception, Implementation: The (PPI) Model.

Principles of Six Sticky Ideas

  1. Simplicity:
    1. My PPI Model teaches (your employees, your sales force) an easy program of goal achieving steps. The process-perceptions to 3 steps to the top, and implementation of those techniques using the power of the subconscious.
  2. Unexpectedness: 
    1. What are you willing to do to program your goals? 
    2. Big Surprises call for Big Answers and that’s what you will receive today.
    3. I am going to push the bounds of what you believe is common sense of goal setting to uncommon sense of goal reprogramming.
  3. Concreteness: (Spell out the Benefit of the Benefit)
    1. Navigating to your peak.
    2. 15 billion pieces of information in the sub-conscious.
    3. Get and stay focused on your goals.
    4. And I will show you how to use the power of your sub-conscious to implement the 2 simple techniques I am going to talk about now.
    5. When you ask a winner what they do, the more time they have been a top-notch performer the faster the answer will come.
  4. Credibility:
  5. Emotions: 
    1. Program your Goals,
    2. Imagine listening to your goals for at least 5 minutes a day.
    3. Imagine making all the calls you need, booking the sales appointment.
    4. Imagine asking for the sale and seeing the contract being written up.
    5. Imagine asking for at least 3 referrals.
    6. Now imagine your life as a top producer.
    7. Now imagine, visualize where you want to be, hear the sounds associated with your life, Taste the tastes associated with your reprogrammed life. Touch your new life, smell the smells of your success.
  6. Using the Programming, Process-Perception Model, Implement the model

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